Motherhood is a verb

Photo by  Bonnie Kittle  on  Unsplash

“Women without children are also the best of mothers…”

Louise Erdrich,The Blue Jay's Dance: A Birth Year

At this time of year I honour the mother within me, the mother without children.

For me, unable to have children of my own either through birth or adoption, motherhood is a verb. I deeply longed to be a mother, and tears come to my eyes as I write that in the past tense, but it was not possible for me. And yet, I mother, and that deserves celebration.

I mothered my own mother. I mother my friends. I mother my god daughter. I mother both children and adults in my work. I mother, and I am a mother.

I even mother myself, and that was a hard won achievement.

I am a mother

But there is more to it than that. I am a mother because my longing was so deep, my desire so strong, and my mourning so profound and life changing. I imagined myself as a mother, I lived the experience in my mind and heart, I prepared for it both practically and emotionally and therefore the mother within in me was born. This mother, me, has no children of her own. I am a mother without children.

I mother, and I am a mother and I deserve to celebrate and to be celebrated.

I do.

I will.

If I can help you honour the mother inside yourself, then please do contact me